A Sick Baby

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So, Lady A. got sick last week in the middle of the week. 
I knew she was fussy, running a low grade fever, and extra clingy. 
I assumed teeth (i keep assuming that). 
She had thrown up that morning and hadn't really wanted to eat - but I blamed it on the fever. 
We went to trusty Wal*Mart and grabbed some teething tablets for the babe, and Mama's own medicine (see rear of cart for specific details). 

She looked like this:

I took her home. 
She took an extra long nap, and woke up equally, if not more fussy.  
As we tried to go to bed that night she refused to sleep in her own bed. 
Daddy took pity on her sad story (i would every night if it was up to me...bad habits die hard) and she was welcomed into our bed.
Where she promptly vomited on our sheets. 

We changed them, and loved on the now moaning/tossing and turning baby girl. 
A few minutes later came more vomit. 

Long story short, we kicked Daddy out of bed and made him sleep in the extra room since he had to be up and to work in only a few short hours. 
Little Lady and I didn't sleep a wink. 
We made a jaunt around the towns surrounding ours, trying in desperation to find an Urgent Care that was open  (siri lies...really, she does) since the poor babe had a fever of 102 now. 
And she hadn't peed in about 12 hours. 

After a night of attempting to snuggle the sickly child and listening to her fuss and moan - always followed by vomit, I had a call into our pediatrician. We arrived at the office - where her (absolutely amazing) doctor took a urine sample (via straight catheter - i felt for her)  and sent us to the hospital for I.V. fluids and antibiotics. 

Dustin left work early to be there. Though not an emergency, I'm grateful for a spouse who views things like this as a big deal. Regardless of what I tell him. Such a good papa. 

Did I mention I hate the E.R.? 
Well, I do. And their doctors and staff. 
I mean, really, do they have to be so ignorant and rude that it makes getting an I.V. a big ordeal?

Abby was a sport. I didn't handle it nearly was well as she. 
My heart broke a little every time she would gag, or cry, or get poked.
They gave her fluids, pumped in the antibiotics, and some anti nausea and almost instantly we were on the mend. 

The next day we returned again to the office where we were told our poor lady had a UTI turned nasty kidney infection. Apparently infections like this are not uncommon in baby girls. 
Man, it sucks being a girl right from the beginning. 

And this was the next day, post nap and her first food that actually stayed where it was supposed to:

that. face. priceless.

We fought with the pharmacies all around the area, since apparently our insurance wouldn't cover the antibiotics we were to give her at home. 
So, now, we fight with insurance companies (and battle psychotic agents). 

I kept telling D. that this wouldn't have been a stressful thing for me - if it was happening to me. 
But, it wasn't happening to me. 
It was happening to my baby. 
And that takes things to a whole new level.

We sure are grateful for modern medicine. 
And especially for a healthy baby girl - and that ailments like this are the worst we've had to face thus far.

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  1. Oh, poor Abby! And poor mommy! It is so hard to see your child hurting and not be able to take it away for them. So glad she is feeling better. Let's have a play-date.