Christmas Day 2012

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Our 2012 Christmas festivities were relaxing and completely enjoyable. 
The addition of Lady. A. to the family holiday had us looking forward to even the simplest aspects of the celebrations.

As Harrison tradition has it, we lined up outside the front room (where santa had made his appearance) youngest to oldest. Also following tradition, Santa left behind a table full of Christmas goodies and fruits of all kinds. We were all spoiled by our family and Santa combined. 

Abby's temperament demanded a nap as soon as the presents were beginning to be unwrapped. Good timing, right? But actually, it worked out well - Abby got her own little show a little later. She showed off by slobbering on every piece of wrapping paper and throwing aside the present as soon as it was opened.Why we bothered to purchase actual gifts for the little lady, I'll never know. She was far more content with the cardboard and paper surrounding the present. Oh, and she's quickly learning how to hoist herself up onto...well, anything. 

Dustin and I exchanged gifts too (obviously) and he even managed to surprise me. Something both of us admittedly thought impossible. I'll be putting my new Rachael Ray bakeware (something i've begged for repeatedly; oh the life of a stay-at-home-mom) to work later this afternoon with some of Mom Ackerman's banana bread. 

We got to talk to Elder Ackerman (and sadly missed sister ackerman) in the afternoon via Skype. 
Dustin and I were treated to an extra long afternoon nap, while Lady got spoiled with attention. 

We are already looking forward to next Christmas. 
Merry Christmas to all!

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