Christmas Preview

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Because D. has been working really long hours, we did a preview of Christmas day in our area (my in-laws are incredibly flexible and so gracious to travel to see us and spend the weekend in our little apartment). 
We shopped, ate some great food (way too many sweets - my mom-in-law makes the best christmas candy), and exchanged presents. 
We were so, so spoiled (as always)!

I'm pretty sure the highlight for Lexi was the One Direction doll (Harry, to be exact) a.k.a. her true love. 
Aunt Hailey gave it to her - cementing her place as the favorite aunt.

 Abby is taking Christmas to a whole new level for Dustin and I. 
We are soaking in every moment. 
She can hardly contain her excitement with the wrapping paper and bows. 
I mean, I've been keeping that stuff restricted for the last month and now she has free reign. 

 Why we even bothered purchasing gifts for her, I'll never know.

 Thanks again to the family for containing Lady A. during church (sans a binky - always a disaster waiting to happen)!

 After lacking a decent vacuum for a year and a half, Dustin and I were ecstatic to receive a great vacuum along with this hand held (oh the lame things that excite a parent).
We immediately put Abby to work.

The gifts were awesome, but the company was out of this world (ahem - corny much, Alyssa?)!
Now to work off the countless sugar cookies I inhaled - it was worth it, right?

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