Christmas Sunday

by - 8:15:00 PM

I love Christmas Sunday. 

This year Dustin and I were asked to speak in sacrament meeting (luckily family was here to wrestle watch lady during the meeting so we could sit on the stand in peace - thanks family!). 
Sunday mornings always seem to be a mad rush for the door, and this week was no exception. 
Abby has a nasty head cold (you know, the kind that there's not enough kleenex in the world to keep up with the never ending runny nose) and insisted on being awake telling us about it half the night. Dustin and I were frantically working on talks at the last minute.  

Luckily Abby was clothed in her Christmas dress (minus shoes - a minor set back compared to the possibilities of disasters that could have presented themselves), Dustin and I were presentable. And we were on time. 
Triple threat. 


Merry Christmas Sunday from the Ackermans!

We snapped a quick picture on Abby's first Christmas Sunday (sad, puffy-eyed, snotty nose and all). 

(ps, yes, our tree is apartment sized - thus the tree decor growing out of all sides of my head.)

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