For My Husband

by - 11:21:00 AM

Sometimes, I'm a grump. Alright, confession, I'm a grump a lot. For no reason other than the one about me being a woman. I rationalize it away, once sanity kicks in once again, saying: I had a headache, I didn't get to sleep the night before, I was hungry (i'm incredibly mean when i am hungry...'hangry'), PMS, or Lady A. was especially difficult that day. And every time I'm a grump I always vow to myself that it will not happen again.


But, here's the thing. My husband is never a grump. Ever. He is hardworking, has a heart of gold, and never says what is on his mind without thinking about it first. He is smart and sophisticated. He love kids, and he looks forward to spending time with Lady every single day (side note: last night she was in bed by the time he got home from work, he was so, so bummed). He is easy going, and has learned to form opinions when he knows I want them (i.e. what should abby wear? what do you want for dinner?) even if he doesn't necessarily have an opinion. When something matters to me, it goes straight to the top of his priority list.

When D. and I were dating slash got engaged, people warned me: "Make sure you see him in different situations." "Watch how he treats his mom, now." "Sometimes people change after they get married..." "Make sure you've seen him really angry." (side note again: when d. and i were dating, his bank account got hacked. literally, as he's watching money drain from his account, he slams his hand on the steering wheel - and then went silent. later, he apologized to me for getting so angry. i laughed. i thought, angry? that's my calm...)

Remember when I wrote about D. here and here when we were brand new? Yep. He hasn't changed a bit. He still opens my car door (most of the time, the only times he doesn't is when it's freezing and i refuse, selfishly, not to get in the warm car rather than wait for him to put abby in and then walk around to open my door). He carries my bag, the baby, the groceries, my book...anything. He is always, always happy to see me (even at my grumpiest). He compliments my food (even when i made tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner on sunday night).

He's still the nice, perfect boy I married.

So, to my husband, in spite of my grumpiness (accompanied by pathetic excuses) I still know you're great. I don't acknowledge it enough, but know that I do know it. MmmKay? Thanks for being so good. 


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