Lights on Temple Square

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Two years ago, this fall/winter my best friend was engaged and D. and I were dating. 
We made the trip from BYU-I to visit the said best friend, Tanya and fiance, Eric to double up on a date with them to Temple Square. 
(that weekend tanya said to me: "you're going to marry dustin. i know it." really, she said that. if anyone else would like their future foretold, i'm sure her fee is minimal.)
Two years ago
Last weekend, per Tanya's initiation, we did the same thing (though the trip was much easier). 
Both couples are now married and both with a baby girl in tow. (babies who are required to be best friends)
Though it was noticeably more difficult to run into people with maneuver and lug around strollers (which i'm pretty sure both babies sat in for a maximum of five minutes), and try to mute Lady's screaming at the end of the night - we really enjoyed our evening. 

We hung out at City Creek Center for awhile, ate some dinner, then wandered over to Temple Square
I love Temple Square.
Lady will, in time, I'm sure. (or maybe in the summertime...)

Here's to bonds of friendship that can hold strong through the ever-changing life. 
PS: thanks for envisioning such a great future for me, Tan. 

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