The Day After Thanksgiving (a.k.a Excuse To Eat More)

by - 10:38:00 AM

I've said a million times before, and I plan to say it countless times again - we are so, so, so, so lucky to have families from the same area/valley/farming community (whatever you want to call it).
We are also lucky enough to live relatively close to both families. 
Thus -- 
We get to see both families during the holidays. 
Realistically, though, they don't care to see Dustin or me much. They just want to gobble up time with the baby. I can't say I blame them. 
Since Thanksgiving this year was with the Ackermans, we spent the day after with my family. 

It too was incredibly relaxing. 
Dustin and I hit up the day after sales (mid morning, no early rising for us this year), we ate way too much (again), talked, laughed, watched a movie, Sydney expertly trained us all in CPR, and played a rousing game of dodge ball (quickly becoming a tradition). 
{side note: the first time dustin met the harrisons, it was over thanksgiving weekend. that weekend we also went to the school gym and played dodge ball. it's a known fact that he was welcomed into the family with open arms after he laughed, before coming to my aid, at the bloody nose i received from my dad nailing me in the face with a dodge ball. and yes, my family is cruel and they encourage the same in others, apparently.}

Did I mention Abby got to meet Pippin for the first time? 
I'm sure they are going to be bosom buddies very soon. 

Oh, the memories. 

And, yes, I am as awful a dodge ball player as you're imagining. 
The family gets quite the laugh out of it. 

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