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I have quite a few friends that are playing the dating game; single, and dating.
They always ask me, "How's married life?"
"What's the best thing about marriage?"
"Is it hard?"

So, I thought I'd share a little about us.
I turned it into 50 facts about us.

1. He is from a small town in Idaho.
2. She is also from a small town in Idaho (though it is a little bigger than his).
3. They met while attending Brigham Young University - Idaho.
4. He likes numbers, finance, and Excel.
5. She dreams of having something, anything, she wrote published.
6. He likes to snowboard.
7. She likes to be warm. and tan.
8. They were married in the LDS Temple in Manti, Utah.
9. He wishes she'd squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube.
10. She can't sit still during a movie.
11. He likes her to sit still during movies. and cuddle with him.
12. She's scared of the dark.
13. His closet (and drawers) will always be more organized than hers.
14. He loves ESPN.
15. She loves Food Network.
16. Their first date was to his brother's football game.
17. He held her hand that night.
18. She gets really grumpy when she is hungry.
19. She also gets really grumpy when she is tired.
20. He never gets grumpy.
21. He can't sleep while wearing socks.
22. She eats all the seeds in her watermelon, simply because she is too lazy to pick them out.
23. He loves to camp.
24. She hates it. (camping, she hates camping)
25. Their first kiss was outside her apartment door. In the cold.
26. They still hold hands a lot.
27. She's kind of a stress case.
28. He's very, very calm. and composed.
29. He makes her laugh a lot.
30. He graduated with his Bachelor's Degree in Financial Economics.
31. She speaks her mind. no matter how foolish it makes her look.
32. Nothing makes her happier than getting her hair done. And a new tube of mascara.
33. His happiest is when there are E.L. Fudge, and Nutella in the pantry. And orange juice in the fridge.
34. She likes to cook.
35. He humors her.
36. He's trustworthy and loyal.
37. When someone wrongs him in anyway, she wants to find that person - and punch them.
38. They both love Star Wars.
39. And Harry Potter, they both love.
40. He tells her she's pretty (even when she knows she's not).
41. When she found out she was pregnant (unexpectedly) he was ecstatic from the moment he heard the news. It reassured her.
42. He teared up the first time he felt the baby kick.
43. The moment he felt the baby kick, she saw his excitement, and fell eternally more in love with him.
44. And then she saw him hold the baby, and fell more in love (though she didn't think it was possible).
45. She insists on their baby wearing bows. and pink. a lot. He humors her without complaining.
46. She loves when he gets home from work.
47. They like to talk, and dream, about their future.
48. They hope for more children in the future.
49. He loves her. And she loves him.

50. They are different. But complimentary. It makes their marriage work. It isn't always easy; sometimes it's hard, in fact. But it is mostly fun, and so worth it. Always worth it.

I believe I married well out of my league. I've heard Dustin say that he feels he married out of his league. I think that's the key. We both push each other to be better (we also both push one another's buttons from time to time...). We both have different strengths and weaknesses. We compromise. And somehow we balance. Don't get me wrong - we fight. And we disagree. But we balance.

I'll just say, I look forward to everyday. Waking up next to your best friend everyday is the best feeling you'll ever know. I promise.

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