Worth It...

by - 7:07:00 PM

The past week was horribly long. 
You know those kind? The ones you look back on and sigh with exhaustion. 
And then you turn your head forward and see only vomit soaked laundry and dirty dishes? 
That's how the last week has been. 
Complete with screaming insurance representatives and a trip to the hospital. 

I think we can see the end, though. 

So, tonight, I'm going to drink an extra large Diet Coke. Take some Advil. Try to get rid of my headache. 
And go to bed. 

But first, I leave a picture of Lady A. 
Sitting Indian-style. 
In a diaper. 
Watching the Christmas Devotional last night. 

It's moments like that that make it all worth it.  

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  1. You really shouldn't leave people wondering like that, missy. I'm happy I have some information. My goddaughter is looking quite perky now; I'm satisfied that she is on the mend (: I'm sorry for the horrible week and glad it's over.