Abby At Eight Months

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Our little lady is eight months old today. Eight whole months! With all of the craziness that is December, I missed the seven month mark. Instead of trying to remember what milestones were marked when (follow that?), I'll just try to capture them all (which is a feat all on it's own - this girl seems to change overnight. every single night.)

I know I say it every month, but I'm asking seriously this time, where is time going
I can hardly wrap my mind around the fact that we are on the latter part of Abby's first year of life. 

Abby is full of personality; I feel like we get to know her more and more everyday. She is constantly blowing raspberries, screeching, yelling, or babbling away. She adores the sound of her own voice (there is no way she inherited that from me...must be here outspoken father...). I often find her in the morning, sitting up, babbling away. Sometimes you can even hear her chuckle to herself. Apparently she's quite amusing. 

She sleeps like a champ. She takes two naps a day, goes to bed around seven pm and wakes up around seven am. Wow. Remember when I was saying she didn't sleep unless I was next to her? Well, a certain adopted mother of mine adamantly urged that changes were in order. When Julie says, we do. And it worked. Nap time or bed time, I lay her in the crib and she puts herself to sleep. Once again, our hats are off to you, Julie. Oh, and she is in her very own room. We've all grown up a lot the last couple of months around here. 

She scrunches her nose and half giggles, half snorts. I can't even come up with words to describe it. It's absolutely hilarious. 

Abby started crawling during her seventh month of life. One night, shortly after Christmas, we were sitting in the living room, the three of us, and she crawled. Really, it was that simple. She had been threatening it for some time, rocking back and forth, but one night she just did it. And then the next morning she was a crawling maniac and pulling herself into standing position (see, she's changing overnight, i was not exaggerating).

One of my favorite things is when she sits on her knees. She rests her hands on her upper legs and leans forward. If only I had a picture (why is it that this girl insists on being stone-cold and anti-trick for the camera)...

Since that day, I cannot keep track of her (unless she's chained strapped in her highchair).
She often scares me, popping up out of, what seems like, nowhere. 

This girl still adores her daddy. No matter her mood from the rest of the day, or despite her exhausted state, she is ecstatic when he comes home. She spends the evening crawling all over him and hamming it up. She loves story time, especially with Daddy. I think she loves me too, but I seem to be more of a constant. She comes to me when she needs routine. Which, I adore. I love that she needs me when she needs regular. 

Speaking of hamming it up, this girl can put on a show. The more people watching her - the better. Church provides a particularly captive audience and she eats up the attention. Though she battles slight stranger danger, she usually warms up pretty quick (especially if D. or I are within eyesight).

She insists on being the center of our attention. If I move anywhere in the house, she follows. Crawling up on me constantly. Also, she finds my hair to be an amazing tow rope. When I sit on the ground she winds her fingers through my hair, and then hoists herself into standing position. I think it's time for this mama to get a haircut. 

Her favorite place in the house is the rocking chair (making mama very nervous). We've had quite a few bonks and bruises from the chair, but she insists. She can often be found standing just like this, tiptoes and all. Oh, and the pursed lips? Yeah, that's a new thing. Hilarious.

She is all over the place and into everything. Minutes after she wakes up her toys are strewn around the living room, diapers are pulled out of baskets, remotes are missing, kitchen utensils are under the oven, and I feel I am on a constant search for at least one of my shoes. A little tornado, she is. 
I know I shouldn't laugh when she is doing something mischievous  but when I come upon it, she looks up at me and crinkles her nose, and all of a sudden it's funny. She's got us in a trance I believe. 

Diaper changes are becoming next to impossible. I spend most of the time trying her pin her to the ground, and once I do, that bare bum is out of there. Adorable, but I really don't like pee on the carpet, so we wrestle. 
She still adores the bath, but has recently discovered the ledge to the bath tub and constantly tries to pull herself into standing position. Scares Mama half to death, so bath time usually falls on Daddy. 

Speaking of having us wrapped around her finger, she has learned to whine. Simply for attention. Drama. 
Look close you can see her first tooth - on the bottom - she cut last week. Finally, I have been saying I think I can feel it coming for a couple of months. 

Abby is eating whole foods like a champ. 
She adores baby puffs (thanks gerber, you save daddy when he takes her during church) and any other baby munchies. 
She is particularly fond of fruit and detests anything green. She is no pleaser, either. When she doesn't like something it is promptly spit back up and she shivers head to toe. And then proceeds to refuse any further bites. See? Drama. 

We are not at all worried about her growth. She is still long (when is it that you start referring to their length as "tall?"). She is in size three diapers and wears mostly 12 month clothes (mixed with a few 9 month). I guess we'll see her stats next month at her visit. 

Our friend pointed out that Abby is a little princess and super expressive with her hands. 
When offered a baby puff on her high chair her hands come up away from the tray, and her mouth opens wide as if to say, "Feed me." Sadly, we give in. 

Abby still follows conversation. When daddy talks, she stops what she is doing, turns, and listens intently. 

I feel like these two months have been the most pivotal up to this point. Her personality has really shown through. She is curious but in the sweetest way. She is still the most smiley, happy baby. Her easy demeanor really puts things into perspective for us, she is the light of our everyday. 

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