by - 2:25:00 PM

This picture was snapped a few weeks ago. 

But, today: 

Abby and I are running a few errands. (never will I ever, never ever, take our second car for granted. ever. oh, sweet freedom.) Our errands include returning the new Saucony running shoes (i love, love, love saucony) I purchased on Saturday night. I spent nearly an hour trying on all the running shoes in the store. And then I tried on three sizes of the ones I liked. And after all of that, I settled on the same pair I have right now - in a different color. And then... I left with the wrong size. I tried to laugh about it when I got home and looked at them. The hubs just looked at me like, "'ve officially lost your mind." No, really, if words would have accompanied his look,  they would have been those ones. But, he still took me to sushi. What a sweetie (i don't really call him sweetie, just in case you were about to throw up in your mouth). 

I digress. 
Our other errand: locating a Jazz jersey (slash any utah jazz apparel) for Lady A. Tonight, for FHE, we are hitting up the Jazz game. That's what you get when you don't plan FHE ahead of time and your husband discovers $1 tickets. We'll see our our little lady handles it. She liked it last time we attended, but, alas, she is my daughter and loves her schedule - especially the beauty rest part of her schedule. Here's hoping for the same results. 

Having a girl is the best. Especially a girl that likes to be with me (not that she has much of a choice). I assume she likes to shop at my favorite stores, and she likes to belt country music at the top of her lungs with me in the car. Everyday, it gets more and more fun to have a shadow. Never mind the fact that she ditches me the second Daddy walks in the door...

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