FHE: Jazz Game

by - 2:33:00 PM

Yikes, ignore the awful quality of the pictures. I desperately need a new cellular device. 

True to our word, we did brave the Jazz game last night. Apparently we witnessed history as well; from what I understand, that was the worst loss the Jazz have ever seen. Yikes. But, Abby was a trooper, and even enjoyed herself I think. Like I said, she loves chaos. She was hamming it up and putting on quite the show for the college kids behind us; between  acts she was happily gnawing on baby snacks then promptly regurgitating them into my palm. How sweet. 

But, really. We had fun. And, because our team was taking such a ginormous loss, we didn't feel bad bowing out a little early to get Lady (and her daddy) in bed sooner, rather than later. 

Oh, and somehow I found her a Jazz shirt. Target has everything I'll ever need right when I need it, I swear. (we all know how i love me some target...)

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