Flashback: 2012

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I wanted to post this yesterday. But, D. had the day off...we've learned to relish in his presence when we get to see him more than a couple of hours during the day. So, that's what we did. No blogging for me - pure time with my little lady and main man. Perfection.

Like I said before, 2012 was so good to us. For my own sake, I want to reflect on the last 12 months.

January: We made our first big baby purchase, the car seat and stroller. Soon-to-be-daddy Dustin pushed that duo around for hours, dreaming of the little lady who would soon occupy it. That's how we spent the first few months of the year, dreaming of Lady A.

February: In February's appearance was accompanied by many difficult decisions (maybe not as difficult as they felt to me at the time, seven months pregnant). But, our mutual decision, and the right decision came that month that I would quit working and stay at home with Lady (such a blessing). Meanwhile, we decorated cookies and celebrated Valentine's Day

March: My last days of work were in the month of March. Immediately after my last day, Dustin and I road tripped to Arizona for the week to visit family and a for D. to interview for a job. Nice change of pace, though my hips hated the drive. 

April: My pregnancy grumpiness increased, and my ever-patient husband grew more saintly daily for dealing with it. We were able to go through the temple with Chase and Luis. Such a neat experience to be in the temple with those you love most. 

May: At the end of April/beginning of May, extra monitoring was being done on Lady since she was apparently not growing. Not long after that we were induced, and Lady made her appearance. Just in case there was any question, this is the not only the highlight of our year, but of our lives. 

June: We spent much of the month relishing in Abby, while Dustin worked extra hard getting ready to graduate and working as a Junior Analyst for a venture capital company. Oh, and I turned 23. At the end of the month we packed up Abby and headed to Southern Utah for the Ackerman family reunion. While there, we made a stop in Manti - only a year after being there as a bride and groom, we went back as a family of three. 

July: To kick of July we stayed in Southern Utah where Abby spent her first Fourth of July in the only place appropriate - Richfield, Utah, for the Harrison Family Reunion

The rest of the month proved to be just as exciting and eventful. Sam, Mike, Lexi, and Javid were sealed as a family forever in the Bountiful, Utah temple. 
Abby's blessing was done in Grace the same Sunday and Chase spoke before leaving on his two year mission. It was such a special day and Dustin gave Abby a beautiful blessing from her Heavenly Father. Abby was blessed in my blessing dress, making me even more emotional.

In case there weren't enough life changing events taking place in the month of July, Dustin graduated with his hard earned Bachelor's degree from BYU-Idaho. 

August: The beginning of August we left our first home in Idaho Falls and moved closer to family while Dustin looked for a job. We spent the month enjoying family who was visiting from Michigan and basking in the extra time we had to spend together. We did all things summer - especially swimming and golfing, since our apartment was across the street from both. And of course, visited the Caribou County Fair. Brandon and Tori got married in August, and we were lucky enough to get to celebrate with them. 

September: This is the month we were humbled. I don't know how else to say it. Dustin was interviewing, everywhere. Literally, everywhere. Not just for jobs in finance, but doing anything (including stocking the shelves at home depot). Nothing was working out. But it proved to be for a reason (funny how that works). He was offered a job in Salt Lake City at Goldman Sachs and we promptly made plans to move. 
Meanwhile, we spent Labor day at the Beaver Dams, Dustin was able to baptize his cousin, Gaston, and Abby continued to grow like a weed. 

October: Thanks to our family, we were able to pack up and move to our current home in record time. We fell in love with our area, and Dustin thoroughly enjoyed his new job. We breathed a huge sigh of relief and settled into a comfortable routine. We did say goodbye to Lacey, Cheered for Uncle Kendon at his Cross Country meets, Dustin turned a year older, and we celebrated Abby's first Halloween at the Jazz season opener

November: We were in routine, and beginning to feel settled. Abby changed every single day. We celebrated her half birthday with some friends. She also came down with a nasty kidney infection, and we spent the day in the hospital with her tethered to an IV. Thanksgiving was spent with both families, who, of course, over fed us. 

December: We threw ourselves into the Christmas spirit, shopping, the Voicemale concert (my husband humored my cheesy, mormon spirit and took abby and me), spending as much time with family as we could, visiting the lights on Temple Square with friends, and of course, eating sugar cookies for all three meals. Dustin was offered, and accepted, and amazing postion as a full time analyst working for The Royal Bank of Scotland. I am so proud and grateful for his hard work, and we are both grateful he gets to do what he loves. Abby's first Christmas was unforgettable. 

Like I said, 2012 was awfully good to us. We are looking forward to the adventures, changes, and opportunities 2013 has in store for us!

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