January Funk

by - 12:00:00 PM

That scrunchy nose face I mentioned before. It's actually a face that happens when she's happy, despite what it may look like.

Want to know what's going on in our house this very second?

Lady A. is snoozing soundly. Do any other moms love nap time? Does it make me a slacker mom if I admit I adore it? Especially the first nap of the day. I put her to bed, I shower, I do my makeup without her crawling all over me or crumbling my eye shadow into a pretty brown dust in our carpet (yes that really happened). I consider folding the laundry (slash ignore doing the laundry). I eat lunch. And then, when she wakes up, we are both refreshed and ready to play. It's awesome.

Yikes, I digress. What else is going on: I'm sitting on my bum, blogging (obviously), with an entire bag of dark chocolate chips open next to me, inhaling them by the handful. No kidding. It's all I've eaten today, and there is not a trace of guilt. And the only thing I can think about is making Carla Hall's homemade brownies. Mmm...mmm... Good thing I bought that Diet Coke last night to wash down all the chocolate I'm doubling my body weight with today.

That is it. That's what's going on. Bet you're glad you just spent a minute and a half reading about our exciting day.

I've been in a funk that last few days. Maybe the January blues? I don't know. (D. told me he's bringing home dinner tonight. What a lifesaver.) I don't really know what the point of this post is, maybe to outline real life? Life isn't always glamorous. In fact, sometimes (a lot more than I'd care to admit), it's a bag of dark chocolate chips and a Diet Coke kind of day (ahem...month).

Thank goodness for a husband who brings home Winger's salads and a baby who makes a scrunchy-nose face.

Nap time is over. I can hear adorable babbling coming from the crib. Maybe it is glamour...

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