New Year's Day

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Our New Year's Day plans revolved around three things: 1) the fact D. had the day off; 2) the Michigan Bowl game; and 3) the New Year's Fairy. That order is probably about accurate.

 This pictures makes me laugh every time I see it. She's started this fake smile, complete with the eyebrow raise every.single.time. Hilarious. And, the longer and wispier her hair gets the more I fear she's taken on all of my cursed genes. It's especially awesome in the morning. (see my post-nap-childhood-hair here.)

Abby delighted in chewing on her shoe far more than seeing what treasures the kind fairy brought her. But, her toothbrush and brush are among her top forms of entertainment now. (ps, we can feel the edge of a bottom tooth! stop growing, baby!) The concept behind the fairy is that she brings all the things Santa forgot. And she did (and it seems a few extra for me).

After that we enjoyed a leisurely breakfast of popover pancakes (more commonly known as german pancakes) and D. hunkered down to watch some college football - oh, and yell at the satellite company. Seriously? There are only a handful of days a year I want to watch an entire football game, and this was one. And our satellite goes out. The yelling did no good, so we woke Lady up from her nap (already geared in Michigan paraphernalia) and treated ourselves to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings (or rather, they treated us after we waited for our food for 2+ hours - sometimes it pays to be forgotten) where we watched the game (huge let down pour moi) and fed Abby baby cereal for everyone to see. Appetizing to be the flirtatious couple sitting by us, right?

(crappy cell phone turned out even crappier than usual pictures in the case of the two above. excuse it, please)

 We came home, took down Christmas (quite the accomplishment with limited storage, requiring mass amounts of reorganizing), and made a massive WinCo run.

Here we go 2013, here we go.

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