New Year's Eve

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Last year, due to my pregnancy status (aka: constant fatigue) we retired to bed around 10:00 pm (despite being at the fulford residence - if you knew traci and her parties, you'd know it was quite the feat to be in bed that early). This year, our first year with Lady, we didn't know what to expect. 

We decided to stick around our area and have our own New Year's celebrations as a family of three. I just can't get enough of the time we get to have together (since being a mom slash being married, i've become overly sappy and ridiculous). Luckily, our good friends, the Castros, invited us to invade their family New Year's party and provided pizza, pop, and ample amounts of snack food. We played games, and laughed. 
I mean, really. Isn't that the perfect New Year's?

Lady rocked the leopard print tights and accessories. D. claims she becomes a diva the moment her legs slip into the tights. The diva-ish personality must be passed down from his family; my family (especially me) are far from diva-ish. 

She was ready to party. 

We did leave the party around 10:00 pm or so. Lady A's party personality can only be stretched so far past seven. We got home, and I ran out to grab some milk and eggs (i feel i'm always as the store grabbing milk and eggs), leaving D. in charge of dressing Lady for bed, feeding her a bottle, etc. 

This is the picture he snapped while he was trying to dress her. 

And another. 

Seriously, I melt. 
I'm sure she was dreaming of the New Year's Fairy who was arriving shortly thereafter. 
Remember, the New Year's Fairy leaves all the presents Santa forgot to bring in your shoe which is left by the door (as pictured below).

If D. thought Lady is a diva in her leopard print, check out her sparkly pink Toms she got from Santa. 
Yikes. We're in for it. 

The hubs and I did make it up until midnight, watched the ball drop, and promptly retired to bed. Before we fell asleep, though, we did reflect a little on the past year. I picked out a few highlights in an earlier post

We also went to bed dreaming of the goodies that would be waiting in our shoes the next morning.

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