Our Not-So-Staycation

by - 10:49:00 AM

D. had a one day lapse before starting his new job. We decided to take (what felt like, but wasn't quite) a stay-cation to where we began (i'm trying to see how corny i can possibly be): Idaho Falls. 

We have some amazing friends in that area still, and they were nice enough to let us crash their house for the evening. Seriously, it's friends like the Ulrichs that made us never want to leave that place. They are the most generous, fun-loving family we've known. Walking into their home, you'd think we'd seen them only yesterday, and not five months ago. They fed us, entertained Abby, played games, and overloaded us on treats. And the next morning the boys came to swim at the hotel. (how i managed to leave without a single picture of them i'll never know)

We thought Lady would love the pool (a) since she adores bath time and (b) since it rocked her to sleep when we went in the summertime. No such luck. As soon as her bum got the slightest bit damp she screamed and was out of the pool in a flash. 

We made a trip up to Rexburg and a quick stop at Brandon and Tori's place. 
And of course, a visit to Mill Hollow. A must. 
It did not fail. 

Our timing was lucky and we were able to stop and see the Stoddard's brand new baby girl on the way home. She is so precious! (and makes abby look like a beast...where'd my baby go?)

It was so good to take a quick jaunt away from home. 
And, if anything, it reassured me that this is home. When we pulled into our little town, it felt like home. 

Now if only we could relocate the friends and sandwich place. 

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