Visitors for the Weekend

by - 7:41:00 PM

Hailey and Austin (sister and cousin) came to stay with us the weekend after Christmas. 
It was so fun to have them around, though I'm not sure the excitement was two sided. 
D. had previously made plans with a friend, so we were car-less the majority of their stay. 
Turns out our family-of-three-sized apartment doesn't offer much entertainment for two teens. 
But, we managed. 

Saturday morning, before D. left, we were able to hit up the local trampoline park. 
Obviously Lady was not allowed anywhere near the excitement (though we did sneak her on a mini one when nobody was looking for a minute - which she adored), so she and I hung out and danced to Pit Bull. 

Abby particurlarly loved having Aunt Hailey and Austin here. 
It is no secret that she gets sick of looking at only Daddy and me. 
Hailey spoils here rotten, not aiding Lady's left over attitude of "i-should-be-held-all-the-time" from the holidays.

Come back you two! We promise to show you a better time :) 

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