Weekend Visits

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Abby is one of the luckiest girls in the world to have such wonderful family. I'm the other luckiest girl. Both D. and I come from the greatest families. Recently, we've been able to have a couple of weekend visits from the Harrison clan. Always entertaining, sometimes deafening (okay, always deafening). Abby adores when they come, chaos excites her. Good thing her mama comes from a family filled with people who literally define the word chaos. 

The visits were filled with cookie baking lessons (to the boys, from my ever-talented husband), games, baths,  lots and lots of Abby loving, and my personal favorite: Abby got some one-on-one story time from Grandpa Lance. (side note: when i was young, my dad would lay with me in bed and read to me every night. accompanied by voices and actions for every. single. character. among my favorites: summer of the monkeys and anything authored by dr. seuss. i will forever hear his voice saying, "jay berry, where on earth are your britches?!" or "now, the star-belly sneetches has bellies with stars. the plain-belly sneetches had none upon thars." long side note, but that is why i get a little teary watching my papa read to my baby.)

We heart bondage time with the Family Harrison.

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  1. Too bad the poor, little girl doesn't get much attention.