January: Via My Phone

by - 9:01:00 PM

Result of Abby pulling Mommy's hair while taking a picture at the jazz game // learning to stand up in her crib for the first time (while she was supposed to be napping) // toothbrush is the favorite form of entertainment // ready to play with Kennedy // Mommy gets ready sitting on the floor, big mistake // D. watching the Notre Dame game // this rubber contraption from the baby first aid kit is often found hanging out of the munchkin's mouth // Lady A. watches Saved by the Bell with Mommy in the morning // Abby discovers the stairs // ready for church // D. saved me from an awful day by providing me with my favorite dinner // Baby Emma in the hotel in Idaho Falls (diaper bonnet tradition passed on from grandpa harrison) // we were all a little delusional after being at the car dealership for so long // our very own diva // clip in her hair for the first time // Mommy and Abby conquered Winco alone for the first time (the whole 'bag your own groceries thing freaks me out!)

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