Last Weekend

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The baby is asleep. The hubs is chatting, via telephone, to an old friend. I'm watching the Grammy's. My love for Justin Timberlake still beats forever strong (obviously stemming from his years with NSYNC), thus missing his performance was not an option - despite the loads of clean laundry haunting me upstairs. He did not disappoint. 

So, what better time to document our happenings of last weekend. (no time like the present...too bad i didn't  adopt that attitude last weekend.)

We hit up Wendy's then the arcade, like the high school-ers we are at heart, on a double-family-date with our favorite Castros. I have an infinite love for ski-ball. 

Eleven o'clock church is kicking our bums. Abby turns into a little terror   gets pretty tired right around...the start of church. Yikes. So, last week we forced a nap on her before church, then couldn't bring ourselves to wake her up...and pushed it as far as we could. Don't judge, our sanity depended on it (mainly Dustin's sanity depended on it, wrestles her as I wrestle eight sunbeams). Anyway, we spend most of the first hour on the foyer couches. Honestly, Lady loved it. 

Then we watched a televised blackout in a football stadium for the rest of the afternoon/evening with a few families in our ward. I was too busy shoving my face full of food to really notice what was going on on TV. 

Speaking of faces and food, D. and I are in a competition called "who can go the longest without sugar/bad food/everything else yummy in the world." Luckily, this started post Super Bowl party. But, since today is Sunday and has a reputation in our house of producing multiple baked goods, we didn't know what to do with a Sunday evening without them. So, we made homemade bread. Yum. So, instead of stuffing my face with warm cookies since Lady went to bed, I've eaten half a loaf of warm bread with butter. Pathetic, really. 

PS: who are the other four guys with Adam Levine in Maroon 5

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