Valentine's Eve

by - 8:06:00 PM

It's Valentine's Eve and I'm in bed. I've been in bed since 7:30 pm, when Abby went down. I'm fighting off a stupid head cold. Here's to a super romantic Valentine's full of NyQuil and a nearly nine month old daughter. 

We have big plans, including a homemade pizza, and taking a break from the"no sugar challenge" for a day. We are splurging and making an experimental batch of Nutella fudge. The only problem with me taking a break from something like this is that I will most likely eat half the pan by myself. Without blinking. No self control here. 

Today Lady learned to high five. It was quite the event around here. D. and I have spent the majority of the evening with our hands held in front of here saying, "Abby, high five!" I'm sure she's just whacking our hands...because that's what she does. But, pretend for our sake - she's high fiving. 

The cherry flavored medicine is kicking in, so I'm bowing out. 

I hope I can sleep despite the anticipation...remember, the North Wind comes tomorrow. 
{in the words of Papa John,"You guys have so many fairies and things that deliver presents." Yes, we do. Because we believe.}

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