We Left Our Hearts in...Montana?

by - 8:36:00 PM

How many people do you know that can say they are excited for a vacation to Montana? Because we get so super excited to trek to the Big Sky state and visit some of our favorite people. They treat us like gold, and though I don't know that we deserve it, we sure relish in the time we get to be with them (even if it seems the time is far to short). 

We don't get to see these people nearly as often as we would like. The fact that these are literally all of the pictures we have from our long weekend illustrates just how much fun we had, there was no time to pull out the camera. 

We were lucky enough to see Mason wrestle, we ate far too much junk food (ahem--far too much food in general, for that matter, but that's always the case). Traci colored my hair (an entertaining segment all in itself), and Abby was spoiled beyond belief. 'Justin' was also an immediate hit. Oh, and what would a visit to Missoula be without a trip to the carousel?

Everyone needs family just like this. It doesn't get any better. 

Dear Fulfords, 
Why do we have to live so far apart? We miss you. 

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