A Day in the Life of Abby: A Typical Sunday Morning

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Hey guys. It's me, Abby. I'm pretty stoked to be blogging today. Usually, my mom makes me stop banging on her keyboard; it's pretty much my favorite thing. Today I wanted to show you what a typical Sunday morning looks like from my point of view.

First, I wake up. I talk and talk, trying to politely tell my parents I'm awake. They don't get the clue fast enough, so I start to yell. Loud. Today Mom stumbled into my room with her eyes mostly closed. She always seems super happy that I woke her up. You're welcome, Mom.

She lets me play for awhile, but really I think she's trying to wake up still. Then, we head into the kitchen for breakfast. Oh man, I love meal times. It's super fun to act like I'm not interested in the food and look away from my mom. Then, when she thinks I'm finished, I yell and bang on the tray to my highchair, with my mouth open - just to show her I was kidding. If you have someone that spoon feeds you, try it. Really, it's awesome. 

She also give me a bottle at some point in the morning. And, I especially love food I can feed myself. So she carefully cuts up bananas, avocado, or oranges for me. Then she creepily watches me eat them, I guess making sure I don't choke or something. 

My mom is always saying things to people like, "Don't mind the food stuck to her highchair, I can't clean it fast enough." I wish she would stop trying to clean it - I mean, I spend a lot of time trying to spread my food out to cover the chair. Sheesh, appreciate the artwork, Ma. 

Today I learned to stand up in my highchair. Oh, man. It was so, so funny to see my mom's reaction when she saw me hoisting myself up. She said, "Little stinker," and made me sit back down. But, I didn't even stink, I mean, I got a bath last night before bed! The things this woman says...

While she was getting the Sunday dinner in the crock pot, she gave me a carrot to chew on. I passed, and decided to discover what is in the cabinets and drawers in our kitchen. She was ripping me off -- a carrot compared to all of the treasures in the drawers? Thanks, but no thanks. 

Finally Daddy wakes up. I love weekends. I get so much Daddy time. 

This weekend he bought a new putter. He's been practicing in the living room. I love it when I can snag the ball from him right as he's got his aim perfect. 

Then I have to get dressed. Not so fun. I demand extra toys and entertainment in order to hold even remotely still. At least they let me climb the stairs on my own to go to my bedroom. 

Since our church is at 11 o'clock, my parents try and make me take a nap before church so I'm not grumpy during church. But, really? Naps are lame. So, most of the time I talk, and stand up, and yell at them. But, usually I give in. They seem to be just as stubborn as me. When I'm bored, I play with this cow. My grandma Patty told me it was my dad's when he was a baby. That's why I love it so much. 

See how my hair sticks up right in the middle of my head? That's what happens when my mom tries to force my hair to curl. Doesn't look like curls to me, lady. 

Finally, it's time for church. Most of the time we're late. I really like to poop in my diaper right before we are heading out the door. Nobody around here seems to get my sense of humor. I'm really hilarious. 

Well, this is a pretty typical Sunday morning for me. You know, just causing ruckus and watching my parents try to keep up with me. All in a day's work. 

Till next time, 


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