Abby At 10 Months

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Our baby has hit the double digits, and I've been a mess (even more than usual). Stop growing, Abby. Stay my baby. But, as if to rub it in my face, this month Abby has demanded complete independence. 

{This is the best picture I could snap with the 'A.' She insists on being on the move...all.the.time.} 

She is increasingly more interested in the world around her. Two days ago it was warm enough for us to eat lunch on the back patio and she discovered the grass. It kept her occupied for over a half an hour. Watching her experience things that we take for granted is priceless. 

She loves to people watch, and will stare at strangers for minutes on end. She is intrugued by conversation, and will quit whatever she is doing to be a part of one. 

Like I said, she is constantly on the move. She babbles to herself as she travels around the apartment, touching everything as she goes. Most of her 'chatting' happens when Daddy comes home at the end of the day. She basks in his constant attention, and he is wrapped around her little finger tight as ever. 

Everyday presents with a new talent (opening drawers, cupboards, finding the books on the bookshelf, climbing the stairs faster than the day before, etc.) 

Abby still adores books (and even snatched this one off the Target aisle when I wasn't looking). Other favorites are the remote controls, her socks, and Daddy's golf balls. 

Her sleep schedule still rocks our socks. She takes naps and goes to bed on schedule everyday. But, like her  mama, she loves routine and when it gets thrown off she's mad - and she wants the world to know it. 

Abby refuses to stand on her own, though she can do it (until she realizes she is). That's OK with us - we can barely keep up with her as it is! She cruises everywhere and gets especially upset when she finds the baby gate blocking her way. 

Abby still eats like a champ. She drinks bottles morning, evening, and before naps. She still does well with a lot of baby food, but refuses anything green or protien-ish (not that I can say I blame her, have you smelled the turkey and gravy combos? gag). Her baby food must be mixed with cereal (or have zero runny consistency). Kind of picky, but she will eat absolutely anything she can feed herself. She adores baby puffs, graham crackers, goldfish, canned pears, avocado, and bananas. Any other suggestions are welcome! 

We are loving the spring weather around our little area this week, and spend much of our time between naps outside on the grass, or going for walks in the stroller. She babbles and laughs much of the time. 

Abby continues to grow, and is now consistently in 12-18 month clothing. We just can't keep up with the ever changing wardrobe. But, don't get me wrong, I could shop for this girl 24/7.

Everyday brings changes with this little one, and everyday we feel we love this phase more and more. Her personality really shines, and we are hanging onto her every action. She is literally our whole world. 

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