by - 9:53:00 PM

Here's how tonight went down:

Post work and dinner, we made an ever-exciting trip to the local library and picked up a Redbox. 
Abby cried in the car the entire time. 

We came home, promptly gave her a bottle, tucked her in, turned out the lights, and said goodnight. 

A half hour later I passed her room only to hear babbling. 
So, I brought her downstairs and she was like, 

"Hey guys, I thought we picked up a movie to watch? There must have been a mistake, you put me in bed before we even started it. Here, I'll pop it in."

And then she was like, 

"Alright, alright, if I have to do everything...there, now it's started. Oh, and I know you gave me that bottle to tell me it's bedtime, that's why I'm not drinking it. I'll just set it to the side for now."

And then she sighed, 

"Fine Dad, I'll play with you and get super wound up and hyper. Only if you insist..."

And then, being the super mean mother I am, I forced her to drink the bottle and then directed D. to tuck her in. Again. 

She's mighty persuasive, that one. 

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