February: Via My Phone

by - 2:20:00 PM

1) so excited to finally be behind the wheel 2) basking in Aunt Traci's attention 3) playing with Papa John 
4) chowing down on McDonald's french fries (mom of the year award, right here?) 5) this. cheesy. smile. (and messy face) 6) patiently playing in the crib post nap 7) kisses for Mommy 8) playing with Grandma Bonnie and Luke 9) after a day of playing with Grandma Harrison, she crashed the minute her head it the mattress 10) I'm greeted this way every time I open the car door, makes my day, everyday 11) always has to be a part of everything Daddy is doing 12) loving lazy weekends sleeping in with Daddy 13) the discovery of the bookshelf (that still needs painting) was bittersweet, while I'm happy she's intrigued by books, the integrity of the books are at risk daily 

PS: while we're flashing-back, this happened two years ago today. My-oh-my, two years can bring so much change (thank goodness life didn't turn out the way I planned). I can't think of anyone I'd rather experience life with - Thanks to my husband for making my dream become a reality. He's still just as nice and perfect as that day he popped the question.  

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