A Very "Hoppy" Easter Weekend

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See what I did there? Clever.

Apparently the market is closed on Good Friday (and our lives revolve around the market) We took full advantage of Dad's long weekend.

^^^We picnicked in the park.^^^

^^^Did I mention how much these two adore each other?^^^

We went to the library. And then I promptly laid Lady down for a nap and ushered D. out the door to the golf course, and I packed our bags for our fun filled weekend. 

^^^Playing with toys at Great-Grandma Smith's house, toys Daddy played with when he was just a wee lad^^^

^^^Thank goodness Grandma Patty has far more patience than anyone I've ever met. She let Abby attempt to dye an Easter egg. The vinegary dye splashed and spilled everywhere, and she said nothing. Saint, I tell you.^^^

We had decided Easter weekend was the perfect weekend to honor D's amazing dad. You see, Papa John turns 50 this year. His birthday is smack dab in the middle of two granddaughters and his wife's. May 18. So, we threw him a surprise 50th birthday party: on March 30th, to make sure he got his very own, special time to know how much we love him. Talk about being surprised. He walked in the room, we all yelled "surprise!" (go figure) and he said, "But it's not my birthday." 
Sadly, neither D. or I snapped any pictures, Abby was feeling pretty miserable all day and so we spent much of our time trying to keep her from screaming comfortable.

That night we wrapped up the night the only way acceptable: a glow in the dark egg hunt (now an Ackerman tradition, I believe). Even the Harrison family joined in on the fun. Abby adores being around family, but when both families get together that girl is in heaven - talk about an overload of attention. 

^^^She sat in the same spot, with the same egg the entire time. Easy to please (for the moment, that is).^^^

Sunday the Easter bunny found us. The one in our local area, as well as a couple of other sources. All three of us were spoiled, especially Lady.

^^^I am guilty of forcing Lady A. and D. dress up, even though they would be staying home from church - since Lady seems to think she needs to cut (what seems like) 14 teeth at once.^^^

We spent the day (post church) watching some college basketball (did you see that Michigan game? go blue!) And then enjoyed Easter dinner with the Paisers and Grandma Bonnie, another egg hunt, and Drew educated us on the real reason to celebrate Easter. 

^^^Abby was fascinated with Uncle Matt. She smiled and smiled at him, while refusing to acknowledge D. attempting to snap a picture.^^^

^^^Though we couldn't understand their conversation, it seemed to be quite intriguing.^^^

^^^Abby was a ginormous distraction during Drew's lesson on the resurrection. She stomped through the plastic eggs and got up close and personal with Georgie the Dog.^^^

We do love Easters around our place.

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