Abby at 11 Months

by - 4:19:00 PM

So, Abby is 11 months. This girl is growing so, super fast. But, I've said that before (only about 9,567 times) and it is already known how we feel about her growing and changing. We hate it and love it all at the same time.

She is a ginormous ball of energy. She is everywhere, leaving messy marks of her terror around every corner. So much for white walls. She adores the stairs, kitchen cupboards, bookshelf, bathrooms, and pantry (pretty much everywhere she is not supposed to be). She makes a dash for any of these when she sees an opportunity. She recently learned to climb into the dishwasher when it is open. What a helper.

Abby can find away to break free from any restraint. During one Target run last month, D. and I were shopping, looked away for a split second, only to look back and see her standing on her seat - ready to spring over the handle bar. I wonder how many mom's passed us in the make-up aisle and considered calling Child Protective Services. Nice.

She loves to read books and play catch. She prefers attention from either of her parents over entertaining herself. When something gets taken away from her she'll throw herself down and cry. Diva.

Abby eats like a champ, though it does have to be on her time table and something she wants to eat at that particular time. This girl gags if there is any sort of texture she does not approve of. She prefers to eat on the move, so we do finger foods a lot. She adores french fries, avocado, banana, and broccoli.

She remains on a strict schedule. Our lives revolve around her naps and sleep. When we try to sway her in anyway we kiss goodbye our shut eye at all that night. I think she does it out of spite.

Lady says very clearly, "DaDa," but can only be heard muttering, "MaMa" on rare occasions (I'm sure it's by accident). She also says "Yay!" when she is proud of herself. She also puts on quite a show when the camera comes out or when told to say, "Cheese!" Needless to say, I doubt she'll be lacking in the self-esteem department.

She refuses to walk; she won't even attempt. if she is playing, she'll stand in one place for about 15 seconds without support, but eventually realizes she is standing and promptly sit down. She has nearly four teeth on top and two on the bottom. Now that her top teeth are making an appearance she likes to clench the bottom and top chompers together.

We can hardly believe our Lady will be a year old. Nearly a year ago our lives changed forever; yet, it seems that we never knew any different. She keeps us laughing all day; she remains a happy-go-lucky personality. She really has been the easiest child from day one. What are the chances of this lasting for...forever?

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