First Track Meet of the Year

by - 8:32:00 PM

Track season is in full swing, and folks, this is the first meet we've gone to! What is wrong with this picture?
Unfortunately the weather was pretty disappointing and we spend most of our time huddled in the stairwell of a building Papa Harrison lead us into (without permission) or freezing our buns off outside - trying desperately to keep Lady bundled. We had a great time bonding with the fam. Abby was doted on constantly. 

Kendon broke his personal record in the mile. Guys, he's a champ. It is so much fun getting to cheer him on. (later in the meet he ran an 800 m and killed it - so much so, the coach threw him into a relay to run a 400 m immediately following! for real, a champ!) 

We left after the mile - due to the super lame weather, but we are still his biggest fans! 
Lady especially; she adores Uncle Kendon (and thinks he's absolutely hilarious). 
Nobody tell him how great we think he is, it will surely go to his head. 

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