by - 8:55:00 PM

^^Honestly, isn't this the cutest miniature lady you've ever seen? (though this was snapped between tantrums today. she's catching on to the 'i-get-what-i-want-when-i-fake-cry-long-enough' tactic)

>> Honestly, neither Lady or I got dressed until 2 pm today. Scratch that, I didn't get dressed at all. 
>> Honestly, don't ever judge our couches. They are hand-me-downs, and very well worn. And insanely comfortable - making it all worth it.
>> Honestly, we didn't even leave the apartment today. I'm trying really hard to embrace the 'slow' lifestyle we lead, as I know it won't last forever. But, sometimes we go stir crazy!
>> Honestly, I did go to the gym today, and worked my bum off. But, the calories I burned equaled only three of the five chocolate chip oatmeal cookies I ate today. Curses. 
>> If Abby could write I think she would say, "Honestly, I can walk - but crawling is much more convenient."  And then she'd say, "And really, Mom, you look like a fool cheering for me when I'm walking across the room toward you."
>> Honestly, I have this ginormous desire to be a morning person. But I'm not. And really, I'm not a night person either. This girl needs her beauty sleep. (and apparently it carries through generations, lady is the same way.) I honestly wish I could willingly get up and go to the gym at five in the am, but I despise it. 
>> Honestly, the next stroller I purchase will be a BOB. Ours is a mess. I should've known, do it right the first time. 
>> Honestly I cried when Regis left 'Live.' No joke. I thought it was to be blamed on pregnancy hormones (not current pregnancy hormones, referring to Lady's pregnancy), but I watched a clip again today...you know, just to see. Bawled like a baby. 
>> Honestly, D. told me today they are now putting Frosties in waffle cones now. What?! I'd probably kill for one. And so would Abbs. She looooves her some Frosty. (calm down, I only give her little, tiny, tastes - and very few of them. don't turn me in)
>> Honestly, yes, everyday I pray for warm weather. Partly so Lady and I can play outside, and partly for the snow cone shacks to open. (but really, open already!)

>> Guys, really, honestly, Lady is going to be one year old. In like two weeks. What happened to time? Freeze it. 
(and really, how am I going to have a toddler?!)

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  1. Our couches are too. Someday we will get our own set.... and pregnancy hormones eh? :)Congrats!

    1. Oh no! I didn't realize when I posted that it would seem like I was referring to current pregnancy hormones. Definitely not pregnant! I watched those episodes when I was pregnant with Abby. Sorry for the confusion...Proof right there that I should pre read my posts before publishing! :)

  2. :) sorry! I wasn't sure...! I should have just asked! That makes sense though... sorry! I shouldn't assume! :)

  3. Alyssa, she is just a doll. I love reading all of your posts. Abby has the cutest personality. I would love to see you sometime soon!! I have lost your phone number, so if you still have mine, call or text me ASAP!