March: Via My Phone

by - 2:06:00 PM

//1. This lady loves sunglasses // 2. they love each other // 3. testing out new carseats // 4. celebrating michigan's victory, go blue! // 5. reading a disney princess book she snatched off the shelf at Target // 6. we hate time changes // 7. spending the day with the harrison clan // 8. Abby and Kennedy: best friends // 9. visiting grandma-great in richfield // 10. channeling our inner "mama andie" we snatched this little tikes gym from a random lawn when we realized there was a "free to take" sign posted next to it. d. held it on the roof of the car with one hand on the drive home - in true andrea fashion // 11. lady is obsessed with the light that shines from the bottom of a closed door, she spends much time trying to see what lies behind the closed door // 12. d. eating his first "soft bean" // 13. being the amazing (sarcasm) mother i am - letting abby eat a cream puff at the chinese restaurant in richfield // 14. just my lady and me //

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