Spring Break - ish

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Abby and I don't technically have a spring break. We're always on break, I guess.

A few weekends ago, Mom Harrison (Grandma Harrison? I'm at a loss as to how to refer to her now...anyway...) was lucky enough to get kidney stones for the second time (like I said, lucky). So, while she was drugged, Abby and I headed to P-town to cart Brooke, Sydney, and Josh back to our tiny living space where they stayed the weekend. I'm bummed I can't find the poor quality pictures I snapped with my phone during their stay. We played plenty, laid around plenty, and ate far more than needed.

Then, at the last minute, Abby and I decided to hop in the Yukon the following Monday with the family and headed to Richfield to visit Grandma Harrison (the original). We were bummed D. couldn't come along, but I'm sure he enjoyed living a bachelor life for a couple of days.

We did all things Richfield including the Chinese buffet, Pizza Hut buffet, and the dollar store. Ok, maybe these are not all things Richfield, but all things Harrison. I was so glad we got to tag along. I have so many memories of the small Utah town, and being the hugely nostalgic person I am, I enjoy going back (even though I did not get a punch bag). The rest of the crew did hit up Big Rock Candy Mountain and DI (always a must with Mary Lee in tow) while Lady napped.

While I know Lady A. won't remember the short jaunt to Grandma Harrison's, I will. There is just something that tugs at my heart strings when I see Abby trekking through Jean's house looking for treasure, or seeing her perched at the buffet table I spent so many hours as a child.

I know I'll especially cherish the memories of my baby and her grandma-great, who has always been so special to me. 

Next time we will take D. No doubt about it. Lady does not sleep well in unfamiliar surroundings (a.k.a. any place that is not her own bed). We were both tired and ornery when we returned to our home, and promptly demanded dinner at Cafe Rio and bedtime. 

I adore watching Lady with her Great-Grandmas, and count my blessings she has four. What a lucky lady. 

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