Today I Am Loving...

by - 10:23:00 AM

::: that lady's favorite thing to swipe off the bookshelf is a picture of d. and me
::: d. has today and tomorrow off work
::: the performances by garth and george last night at the acm's (i may or may not have teared up a little, garth+ hormones do that to me) - i do love me some country music
::: sister dalton's talk from the saturday morning session of general conference
::: a new bike trailer is in the mail so we can finally go on family bike rides!
::: michigan plays in the championship tonight! hail to the victors! (i think i'm going to inhale the entire fruit pizza i made this weekend. i'm the worst nervous eater.) 

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  1. Awesome! We have been looking at bike trailers as well! And Abby is such a doll. :)