Abby at 12 Months {and the birthday post, too}

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Is it pathetic that I am going to outline the mundane events of my daughter's first birthday? Probably. But, it's a testament to my obsession both with my daughter and birthday celebrations. 

Yesterday, Abby's birthday, she woke early with Daddy (which we usually discourage, but since it was her birthday...exceptions were made). She opened presents rocking the bed head and jammies before D. went to work. Since neither she or I are morning people, she was ready for a short snooze around 8:30. After about a 45 minute break, she was up and ready to party. 

She took her usual morning nap, then woke in time to have her favorite lunch: chicken nuggets and french fries and play with her BFF: Kennedy. 

Later in the afternoon Lady A. and I met with D. after work, stopped by Kohl's to pick her up a couple of other birthday essentials, and then watched D. yell at the refs play basketball. (joking about the yelling thing...sort of...) On our way home we wrapped up the day with another of Abby's favorites: french fries and a Frosty in a waffle cone (read: God's gift to mankind!). What can I say? She's her Mama's girl. 

These pictures were snapped at the last minute before jammies and post bottle (note the milk running all over her face) yesterday. Whoops. Clearly we are at the end of the monthly updates. Bear with me for one more post.

At twelve months old Abby is vibrant and full of life right down to her pinky toe. This girl exhausts us. She is everywhere and curious about absolutely everything. She is walking probably 60% of the time. Abby loves to feed herself, and rarely will allow baby food to enter her system by choice. If it wasn't assumed already, she adores french fries. Among her other favorites: sweet potatoes, scrambled eggs, broccoli, carrots, corn, and cheerios. But, really, she just wants whatever I am eating. No joke. I'm trying to get better at sit down meals, but it's so hard with this babe who is constantly on the go. For the longest time I couldn't get her interested in the sippy cup, and as her year mark approached I got kind of nervous since I wanted the transition from bottle to sippy to go as smoothly as possible (and because I'm an overly paranoid first time mom). Then I bought her one with a straw. Now she guzzles. Girlfriend can't figure out how to tip the cup upward, but by golly, she can drink from a straw. (ps, any hints to transition from bottle/formula to milk/sippy are more than welcome!)

Abby is a friendly girl, not really shy, but sometimes it takes her a few minutes to warm up. She is easily startled (I use the word 'startled' lightly. What I really mean is: the slightest sound she is not expecting scares her half to death.). She adores being the center of attention and finds herself to be the most hilarious person on the planet. Since she is the center of the universe, tantrums are not uncommon. Man, has she mastered the art of fit throwing. Usually it's adorable, actually...quite funny (emphasis on usually). I can't emphasize it enough: girlfriend has so, so much personality. She is hilarious; but sometimes I feel we shouldn't be laughing.  As I type this, D. asked me, "How can we teach her to not be sassy? She is so funny!"

Abby sleeps through the night, as she has for a super long time (unless she is away from her own bed). And, by sleeps through the night I mean 7 pm-7 am solid. Luckily she still takes two regular naps a day. She still loves to flip through books and play her version of 'catch'. She prefers to be outside, especially with her daddy. The rare times she is found sitting, her legs are crossed, they have been since day one.

Lady's vocabulary includes: Dada, Mama (usually only times this can be heard is when she is angry with me), Yay! (while clapping), and NoNoNoNo (while shaking her pointer finger - thanks a lot, Sam...). If she is prompted with someone saying, "I'm one!" she will old up one finger. 

Although she is a little spit fire, she has an undeniable sweet side. She gives kisses without question. During the day she insists on sitting on my lap periodically and laying her head down. Last night she had a rough night (I'm thinking more teeth?), and every time I got her out of her crib to rock her or lay by her, she'd climb up on my chest and go to sleep. It made the fact that it was 2 am totally bearable. I couldn't help but remember that exactly one year earlier: her first night with us and she slept much the same way, curled on my chest. 

Guys, when they tell you the first year flies by and your baby changes beyond description - it's the truth. 
^^ Left: One Month Old  Right: One Year Old ^^

And then my heart melted all over the place. Which seems to be a reoccurring theme for the last year. 

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  1. She is so very, very cool! Gotta love that Abby! Grandma and Grandpa think she's the best.