Again: State Track

by - 3:57:00 PM

Is anyone really surprised that we made the trip to the Idaho State Track Meet again this year? (a harrison runner? unheard of.) Nope, didn't think so. We ventured to Boise last weekend to watch Kendon run. He qualified in all three of his events, folks (the medley relay, 800m, and 1600m). He's pretty dang awesome. We are so glad we got to see him run since we don't get to see it nearly as much as we would like to (even though our little lady refuses to sleep away from home...any advice?). He did so well, breaking his personal record's in each event and medaling with his relay team in the medley. High Five!

D. and I always get nostalgic on the drive to Boise. I mean, it is a nostalgic one with our first "date" being on that drive as well as the proposal. Driving there with Lady shrieking in the back seat the whole way only proved once again that life is full of surprises.

(We were so, super excited Aunt Morgan made it safely back from Europe - though the real miracle is that she made it there to begin with considering the escapades leading up to the trip! Read about all of her adventures here. She and Abbs were matchy matchy in their blue stripes and gray skinnies, but you probably can't tell since I wasn't thinking and attempted to take a picture with them looking directly into the sun...)

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