April Via My Phone

by - 4:09:00 PM

(and a few from D's phone, too)

// one rainy day abby played in uncooked rice - quite the hit // excited for conference // her first 'pebbles pony' // sometimes we just sit and wait for daddy to get home // this girl is a constant source of mischief // telling mom, in not so subtle ways, she is ready for a nap // lady and uncle kendon at a cousin's baby blessing // lady helping daddy play golf // since purchasing our bike trailer, family bike rides have become a popular event // dinner at wingers, because sometimes it's easier at the end of a day // orange rolls, a conference tradition // first steps were taken this month! (this picture was not the technically the first steps, but you get the idea) // playing outside: abby's favorite thing ever. // the difference between d. and i (my toothpaste top, his bottom). we even out: i am a closet slob, he is nice and tidy behind the scenes.  //

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