For Mom Ackerman

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Today is Mom Ackerman's birthday. Dustin's mom, who I proudly call my own (whether she'll have me or not), is really one of the greatest women I have ever met. Not only did she raise her son to be a nice, perfect husband and father, but she is a practicing Nurse Midwife, a homemaker (and a master at all things crafty), a great cook, and the most patient, loving, genuine person I have ever, ever, ever met.

She spoke in church on Sunday (cruel, right? having the mothers speak on mother's day?!) and did a phenomenal job. As she started speaking, I could see her radiate the joy of motherhood. Immediately the waterworks started pooling down my face. Her spirit is infectious. I spend everyday trying to be just half the mother she is; I know that if I can do that, I'll be a success. She finds pure happiness in the nurturing role she plays both at her place of work and at her home. Not many women of the world today find fulfillment in their roles of nurturing. Truly, a most excellent role model.

Dustin is so gentle and kind. He has been since the day I met him, and he is just the same today. When he and I first started dating, I met his mom over Thanksgiving (officially). It was a brief meeting, I don't even know if I spoke directly to her, but I remember thinking, "So, this explains it. He gets these traits from his mom." She is sweet and accepting, and never have I ever heard a judgmental word escape her mouth. Her kindness literally seeps out of her - every time I am around her I will myself to become a little better. And, guys, it's no act. She's really that genuine. All. The. Time! She spends her days off in the temple, or working on genealogy. So, not only a hero to those here that know her, but also to those who have passed on.

The two pictures above are two of my very favorite of all time. The left is on our wedding day. It was snapped by our photographer from a distance as we hugged our (new-to-me) mom goodbye. I'll treasure it always. The right is the first time she met Abby. Both make me tear up every time I see them. It seems so natural to have her be a part of the two most important days in my life.

Dustin only speaks fondly of his mom. In the beginning of our relationship I was sure it was a fluke; I mean, he had to be putting on a show for me. But it wasn't. He didn't say anything negative because their is nothing to say. We are so lucky to have her in our lives: Dustin to have been raised by such an outstanding woman, me to be able to be accepted by her despite my many flaws, and especially Abby, what a lucky girl to have such a great grandma.

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  1. She is also a tremendous wife--thanks for posting this Alyssa, and thanks for being a part of our family!!!