Lady's First Birthday Party

by - 10:58:00 AM

Here's the thing. I'm a stress case. No surprise there. And when I'm stressed I'm a great big grump. So, when it came time for Lady's first birthday party I kept things simple; I wanted to enjoy the party and family and friends too.

I adore birthdays. And since my love for birthdays (...and parties and cupcakes and gifts) is so deep rooted, I naturally wanted Lady's very first birthday party to be special. So, we gave her what she wanted: an overflow of attention from her favorite people in the world and some treats (oh, and wrapping paper and boxes). Girlfriend was in heaven.

The day was simple, but that does not mean we lacked in pictures. So, I'm going to provide excess documentation. We loosely based the shin dig on a "Dr. Seuss" theme. We took in enough sugar to last a lifetime and we chatted and played outside.

^^Look who came all the way from Montana! 

^^Two of Lady's favorite people in the world: 'Aunt' Tanya and Kennedy

^^Syd gave Lady A. this awesome portrait. Guys, she's 12 and drew this. Impressive.

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