Nights Like This One

by - 9:39:00 PM

I need to document nights like this one.

The simple nights, the ones I know won't last forever, the ones I don't want to forget. Tonight was one of those nights that we grilled hamburgers for dinner, it was one of the ones where we fed ducks for Family Home Evening; the ones where we played on the jungle gym at the park. Then we went to Wal*Mart for our last formula purchase (bitter/sweet) and ended up buying a badminton set. And we sang to Abby in the car on the way home because she babbles back in a sing-song voice, trying to match our pitch. Abby and I painted our toes to match, I love having a girl. And then instead of putting Lady to bed, like we should, we took her outside and she snacked on Cheerios and ran around while we get competitive with our new game.

Summer nights with our little family. I just want to press pause. And really, where are all the snow cone shacks?! I'm dying here.

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  1. best post ever. also i totally just stalked your life for the past three weeks to see what i've been missing. abbs is adorable as usual. xo