On Your First Birthday

by - 8:47:00 PM

To Our Baby,

Abbs, today is your first birthday. In some ways it seem like it's been far longer than a year; I mean, we can't imagine life without you. But, mostly, we can't believe a year has passed. It's been the best year of our lives. There have been ups and downs (thanks for putting up with us, we're learning), and sleepless nights (many sleepless nights). But really, being your parents has brought us so much more joy than we would have ever imagined possible. We literally hang onto your every movement and have since day one; I'm sure that won't change...ever.

So, happy birthday to our baby girl. We absolutely adore you.

so, so many hugs and kisses-

Mama and Dada

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  1. SO fun! I LOVE the first birthday! Happy Birthday Abby! The first year seriously flies by. They are only a 'baby'for a year and then they are somehow a toddler! Cute cake!