Sunday Afternoons

by - 10:09:00 AM

These two scare the breath right out of me. Constantly. 

Sunday afternoons have always been one of my favorites. Relaxed from the weekend, rejuvenated from church, it always seems like this feeling of contentment takes me over. 
Yesterday afternoon proved to be no different. 
We grilled some burgers (you know, the classic thing to eat on Cinco de Mayo...) and then sat outside and let Lady roam free. This girl loves, loves, loves being outside. She even braved the slide on her Little Tikes set (quite the feat, since she usually sits at the top and shakes from nerves; like mother like daughter).

I loves evenings like this. It's just enough to refresh us for the upcoming week. 

Check out our determined little walker! Still not fluent, but she's trying, by golly! 
(the hands are always raised in concentration) 

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