FHE: Summer Bucket Lists

by - 11:12:00 AM

I saw this idea for summer bucket lists and adapted it slightly to fit my cheap, non-crafty ways. 
Each of us scribbled our goals slash things we want to accomplish slash activities for the summertime on clothes pins and then clipped them onto adorable tin buckets (thanks, target dollar section!). Lady needed a little help, since she was more interested in wreaking havoc with the clothes pins. I think they turned out super cute, and we are planning to recreate them for every season (...hopefully...). 

All three are now perched atop the fridge, waiting to be accomplished. 

A few samples from each of our lists: 

Lady -- 
**learn how to go down the stairs
**go to the pool 10 times
**play at grandma and grandpa's 

Dustin -- 
**teach Abby 'ball'
**go to Vegas
**shoot a 79 (in golf)

Alyssa -- 
**get ice cream from and ice cream truck (something i've never done!)
**go to a rodeo
**read six new books 

When something gets "checked off" the list, the clothes pin get dropped into the bucket. 
Get it?

Corny. But adorable. 

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  1. What a cute idea! I wish Sterling had more time off during the summer so that we could actually accomplish some things if we ever did make a summer bucket list, haha.