May Via My Phone

by - 7:15:00 PM

(and a whole bunch from D's phone, too)

// lily pushing abby in the swing: each of their favorite things // lexi and abby, the two girl cousins // rockin' the shades before her birthday party // jumping on the trampoline at grandma and grandpa harrison's // strollin' with aunt morgan and dad at state track in boise // d. all ready to watch the office finale with his beets (we may or may not have teared up...) // mom and lady at her 12 month appointment (she is still crazy tall with a crazy big head (both measurements off the charts, weight is in the 85th percentile); shots were especially tormenting this go around // just hanging out in the car seat on the way back from boise // birthday dinner at wendy's (this is how you know i love my daughter more than anything: i let her eat the last bite of my waffle cone, my very, very favorite part) // the only way d. will watch the bachelorette...he says it's so awkward and cheesy it hurts him // after the birthday party, don't they look like twinners here?! //

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