To My 13 Year Old Self

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Tomorrow my littlest sister turns 13 whole years old! What the crap?! I still feel like she should be letting me "scrunch" her hair and put ugly headbands on her head while she daydreams of Peter Pan saving her life. I adore her. If you want a little taste of the one, and only, Sydney Belle - check out her blog. She's spunky and hilarious.

Because of this I've been reflecting on my days as a young teen (tween? when is that word appropriate to use?). With that being said:

Dear 13-Year-Old-Alyssa,

It's me, your older, wiser, much more confident self. I kind of wish I could hug you right now. You probably need a hug. A hug, and a hairbrush. But, because I can't, I want to give you some advice. Things I wish I would have known.

First, brush your hair. I know you think the rats nest in the back is disguised. But it's not. Really, it's disgusting. Later in life you'll tell people that you didn't brush your hair for nearly a year, and they won't believe you. That's how disgusting it is. So, tough it out before Mom takes you to the salon and you're embarrassed in front of half the town while they brush it for you. Really, it doesn't help the no confidence issue. Neither does the white eye liner. Yikes.

I'm glad you joined the band. And I'm glad you don't think it's nerdy yet; it gives you a place to belong. It's a good place for you to be. And there are nice people in there. Friends you make in there will be so good for you. Besides, when you do give up the saxophone, you'll regret it later in life. You really do like music - way more than you think you do anyway. Practice once in awhile (carrying that instrument through the 'field' is not that torturous. promise!).

Don't get too hung up on your crush. It's fun to have someone to like. But, truthfully, later in life you'll find out he likes other boys. So, just have fun.

Guess what else? The parents. You can hate them if you want. But, don't say it to their faces. You'll spend the rest of your life regretting things you said to them. The three of you are learning together. Take a deep breath, and talk. It's hard. I know, sometimes our mind sees yelling as a better alternative. It's not. And, really, it's not all that crazy that your mom is having another baby. Deal with it. Annnddd....quit throwing shoes at Morgan; you've been doing it for three years and it's pretty rude.'s not Haylee's fault her bed is squeaky. Oh, the things you freak out about.

Have fun playing Volleyball and Basketball. And, yes, it sucks when you don't make the team again. But really, you're not athletic. I mean, we run into walls for the rest of our life. But it is so, so much fun. It's good to be a part of a team and to try new things (boy, do i sound like dad or what?!).

It's OK to want to read a book; telling people you hate reading doesn't make you 'popular'; you love it, do it. You'll regret not reading more when you have a baby and don't have time anymore.

Do your homework. You know Mom and Dad are going to make you catch up again anyway. But, Mr. Crosland's crossword puzzles don't really make you smarter, so don't get too hung up on them. I'm sorry you're afraid of Mrs. Gleason, I still can't tell you how to change that one. Take advantage of your fun teachers; it's alright to admit you love English even though everyone else hates it. PE sucks, and nobody asks you to do leg lifts for 30 minutes in real life, so no worries there.

Really, though, be a teenager. Laugh more. Quit stressing (you'll be told this- and telling yourself this- everyday for...forever). When you're done eating lunch, talk to a lot of people outside, don't just hover against the wall. Don't make fun of people. They feel just as out of place as you do right now. So making fun of them does nothing for either one of you.

Guess what, Lyss? Your life turns out way better than your day dreams. You're a lucky girl. It really is a fun ride. So calm down, quit picking fights, and enjoy it.


your much older self (with hair that is only ratted on purpose)

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  1. Wow part of me must still be 13 cause I totally gained something from that! :) Miss and love you Lys!!