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^^a picnic at the pool with my favorite munchkin^^

Today Lady and I had a little one-on-one time at the pool. I mean, we have one-on-one time nearly everyday, but every once in awhile I like to take her to do something besides running errands and reading books. Girlfriend has zero fear of water (very much opposite of this mama) and adores swimming. So, naturally we had a blast. Little Miss even made a friend at the pool, a little girl about her age (though quite a bit smaller...) in a matching suit. Adorable. Though it turned out to be not so adorable to the other mom when Abby nearly drown her daughter. Free swimming lessons, anyone? Abby will teach you.

We had a much needed weekend doing absolutely nothing. We gutted a couple of closets, stayed in our pajamas until three in the afternoon, then took a $5 pizza to the park for a picnic (which we enjoyed until some birds trying to eat abby's leftovers sent me sprinting the the car. no, really, sprinting. i hate birds.).

Oh, if you're in need of a good chuckle today, check out Morgan's blog. She is currently documenting her European travels. I mean, check out this excerpt: "Why does America not have the food thing down yet?  Food in Europe is fabulous.  It started raining a tad bit so we headed back to our convent to chill with the nuns."

Now, Lady is napping, D. is grilling for dinner (though he doesn't know it yet...surprise?), and I am ready and willing to disregard the mess in my house and snuggle up with my current re-read (read it. every time i do i sigh contently and resist the urge to give the book a good bear-hug and never let go. it's absolutely perfect.). 

Over and out.  

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  1. oh my gosh. i ADORE this post. and that picture. and i literally laughed out loud about the birds. that is soooo you. love it!