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Where is the summer going? Really, if we're being completely honest, I have no idea where 2013 is going. I mean, wasn't it Easter like, yesterday? 


Last week we soaked up some family time by doing some summer things. Wow, could I be any more vague? (if you read that as chandler, props to you. we are now best friends for life.)

The Harrisons stopped by for a slumber party before putting in some time at the cannery (duty calls, mormons). We celebrated their arrival with some backyard barbecuing and fireworks, naturally. 

^^of course Abby worked as the ever busy phone thief^^

^^Lady has recently mastered (using the word 'mastered' incredibly loosely) sidewalk chalk. ^^

Annnnddd...all in the same day, Grandma Patty, Papa John, and Aunt Hailey stopped by too! Abby woke up from her nap and happily opened her arms to Papa John, until Grandma started reading books to her. 
They were on their way to take Hailey to fulfill her greatest fantasy: see One Direction live!
(I think I'm seeing a  theme in our visitors. Our location serves as the perfect pit stop. Hey, we'll take it) 

We met up with our favorite guy after he was done with work in Salt Lake and went to dinner before we went our different directions (...whyyy do i only have one picture?!)
Did I ever mention how much I adore our family?

And really, it's that time of year. That Famous Preston Night Rodeo, ya'll. 

(though our festivities didn't include the actual rodeo)

We did make a day trip of it and attended the parade and the carnival on Saturday. Lady's most prized possession from the parade: her CrossFit flier. Really, she didn't let it go until I pried it out of her sleeping hands when we got home.

The classy parade. We were not disappointed. Between the Star Wars clan and the endless hoards of royalties riding horseback - it was a success. 

^^I think D. realized too late that he is too old to enjoy rides that go round and round...really, really fast.^^

^^Lady rode her first ride! (thanks to sydney for accompanying her.)^^

^^ pictures with a toddler. Always such a treat.^^

I feel like I need to glue my eyelids to by brows. I mean, I'm pretty sure I'll blink and it'll be Christmas.

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