Take Us Out to the Ballgame!

by - 1:30:00 PM

The family came down to our neck of the woods this weekend to play (again, we sure missed sam and mike and pray for a speedy quick recover for sam!). Grandma Patty was kind enough to watch Lady (and Javid) while D. and I went to a movie with the rest of the family (despicable me 2, adorable!). It was way past Abby's bedtime, and she was quite the stinker (i'm sure, though grandma won't admit it...) but we had a blast. The next day we shopped and then headed to the Bee's baseball game. 

This was my first baseball game, and after waiting out a rain delay (for 2+ hours) I was on the verge of leaving before the game even started. But, when it did start I enjoyed myself (even though it was nearly midnight when the game ended; well past Lady's 7:30 bedtime). The next game we go to I will be purchasing cotton candy (though i may have to donate a kidney beforehand to afford it) and I will be checking the weather before going. But, there will be another game. for sure. 

^^feeling like an all-american family soaking wet and ready to watch a baseball game^^

^^girlfriend's only true upset - when the phone got taken away from her. this girl and her love for electronics.^^

^^leave it to Miss Independent to look the other way^^

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