To My Husband (Before I Knew You)

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This month D. and I celebrate our second anniversary. Crazy, right? So, I've been thinking a lot about all the things that aligned in each of our lives three years ago that made it so our paths crossed at the perfect time. Thank goodness things didn't turn out like either of us planned.

With that, here are some of my thoughts I'd like to share with my 23 year old husband, just a few months before we met.

Dear Dustin, 

Would it totally freak you out if I introduced myself as your wife? I bet that sounds weird to you right now, seeing that you don't even know who I am. Give it a few months, I'll humiliate myself in front of you countless times and you'll still choose to be stuck with me for always. Anyway, here I am now, three years later, one baby, three apartment moves, two states, and about to celebrate our second anniversary. Scared yet? 

So, three years ago I wrote this to you. Little did I know I'd be meeting you two months later. So, in honor of those times I wanted to give some advice to my current husband, but in the past. (following?)

I've been waiting my whole life to meet you. Sure, I had some other plans in mind, and sure you were not in them, but as soon as I got to know you - all of my plans changed course, they made much more sense, and I couldn't imagine my life without you. 

Right now I think you are in the midst of pursuing another girl. Obviously that doesn't work out (sorry, but not sorry). But, I am glad you've been dating. It's good for you, and it's good for me. I think you know what you are looking for. So, have fun, because pretty soon you'll end up in my apartment and I'll be questioning your lice history, forcing you to wear a magnetic earring and call yourself 'Howie Mandel',  and will be accompanying you, your dad, and Mr. Sant to Chase's football game. Brace yourself... (confused yet?). 

For what it's worth, I'm so, so glad you transferred back to BYU-I. It's probably weird to you right now. I mean, why do you feel you need to transfer back when you've left there once before? It really is the perfect timing, though you won't understand for a few months. Looking back, it's so weird how our time tables match up despite the plans we each had for ourselves. 

Heads up, when we start dating I'm kind of a paranoid. Don't ditch out. I really do love you, I just don't know how to not be a total and complete nervous wreck. And, honestly, I've been writing a missionary for 20 months. So, I'm kind of a mess. But, I promise I adore every second with you. And, you're the perfect match for me. And, my family will whisk me halfway around the world on a trip for three weeks and I'll come back your own personal parasite, never willing to leave you again.

Oh, and my family... they know we are going to get married the second I tell them you're coming home to visit over Thanksgiving. They love you. They think you're perfect for me. But, really, try not to laugh so hard when my dad nails me in the head with a dodge ball (though my family loves you even more for it).

I know you aren't super excited to move to Campus View again. And, to be honest, a couple of your roommates are...funny? But, it lands you smack dab in my ward, in my apartment in a few months. So, be patient. It'll work out.

A few things, real quick: 1) Don't get mad when I make fun of your D.I. suit jacket; it really is ugly, and I didn't know you were partially serious when you ask me if it looks OK. 2) The first meal you ever make for me is a grilled tuna sandwich with pickles and ranch (we both like ranch with our tuna! made for each other). 3) Don't let me win in air hockey! It still makes me mad to this day. I'll spend the rest of my life trying to prove to you that I really can win without you going easy on me.

Isn't it crazy how everything will work out? All these things that seem to be obstacles or nuisances end up leading us to each other? Weird, and amazing all at once. And all the hard times are worth it. It's hard to hear now, but really, they are. Dust, seriously, you are way better than I deserve. So, thanks (in advance) for being with me. I absolutely adore you.

I'll be seeing you soon! (don't be too frightened. i am overbearing. you get used to think...)  

xox, Lyss

PS: If I'm ever mad, a McDonald's vanilla ice cream cone will cure anything. You'll learn soon enough, I'm sure...but sooner is probably better than later. Might as well give you a running head start. 

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