Weekend Recap

by - 4:23:00 PM

^^check out that belly^^

This weekend the Fulford's made a pit stop in P-town on their way to vacation in California. We soak in as much of these guys as we can so, we rushed to the hometown after D. got off work on Friday to see them for a few hours before they hit the road early Saturday morning. And to celebrate Aunt Morgan's birthday! We sure love her!

We did the usual activities: ate too much, gossiped talked, and Morgan painted countless nails.

^^As we sat around and chatted, the two couples did their thing ^^
(I'm pretty sure dustin and kendon were watching michigan highlights from last year, seeing that trey burke will be joining the jazz! now we need season tickets...)

^^And Morgan attempted to paint nails with this little obstacle^^

^^Have I ever mentioned how much I adore P-town?^^

After a loooong night (guys, lady doesn't sleep, at all, anywhere besides her own bed. every time we sleep elsewhere it makes me question my hard work sleep training; but, then we come home and the schedule rocks my socks off) and a morning washing our car (thanks to the teens who thought it was funny to egg our new vehicle...) we decided the best option was to head to the lake. 

And we did. And it was the best. 

Turns out Lady loves any form of water; so much it scares the living daylights out of her mother. 

We had a blast, to say the least. Now, if only we could convince Girlfriend that it's not that cool to stay up all night and D. that we need a boat. 

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